International Grants Arrangements

About the grant

The financial support will be awarded for expenses linked with a preparation of exceptionally prestigious and significant projects of international providers (e.g. European Commission grants). These projects must be submitted within 12 months after the grant award. This financial support will be awarded in two financially distinguished categories:

  • The preparation of projects where the MU employee engaged in scientific research is the main applicant.
  • The preparation of projects where the MU employee engaged in scientific research is a co-applicant.

Open call

Proposals can be submitted continuously through the year.

Selection criteria

The support can be awarded only to the project proposals fulfilling following criteria:

  • The grant project proposal, will be eventually submitted to an international grant agency.
  • The grant project proposal, requested to be financed, must be aimed at research (research project, applied or combination of both).
  • Applicant/ co-applicant of the project must be MU employee, who is engaged in research (see page 3).
  • Masaryk University must be the applicant/co-applicant institution.
  • In case of a project in a consortium (MU in a role of applicant or co-applicant), all the co-applicants must be known at the moment of application submission.
  • The project proposal must have clear aims and strategy of solving predefined.
  • The project proposal must contain preliminary budget.
  • The grant application must contain an expression of acceptance from applicant’s supervisor, eventually Vice-dean responsible for research at given faculty.


The maximum amount of support is 400 000 CZK (in case that the MU employee is the main applicant of a collaborative project) or 200 000 CZK (in case that the MU employee is co-applicant). Projects, that would apply in the project preparation only partially, can be supported too (e.g. proofreading etc.).

The applicant for financial support will submit preliminary budget breakdown and individual items falling into eligible costs (see below).

The financial support for a calendar year will be granted to the faculty economic center/ workplace of the applicant. The costs will be covered through the faculty economic center on the basis of the accounting documents.

Eligible costs:

  • Costs of organization and preparation of meetings (e.g. room rentals, consumables, etc.).
  • Travels abroad concerning project preparation.
  • Consulting and editorial services.


Non-eligible costs:

  • Personal costs of MU employes.
  • Costs of research activities (costs linked to the acquisition of preliminary data cannot be financed through this grant).
  • Costs, which are not eligible for institutional support (for example refreshments).

How to apply

The project proposal must be submitted at least one month before the planned start of the project. The project evaluation will take place by the end of every month.

The projects can be planned for two years in exceptional and clearly justified cases. In such cases, the budget would be reported as the biennial. Support of these approved projects will take place in the second year of realization automatically from GA MU budget.

The applicant must also include in the application the obligatory date of project proposal submission for the grant competition.

List of project proposal documents:

  • The filled in application form (generated from ISEP) signed by the applicant.
  • The applicant’s CV.
  • An expression of acceptance from applicant’s supervisor/ head of a department (form is not defined).
  • Project record from ISEP (evidenční záznam návrhu projektu).

The project proposal form can be filled in ISEP system, 1 copy signed by the applicant must be delivered to the MU Research office together with all required annexes.

Evaluation process

The applications will be evaluated by MU Research office. An expert from MU, including staff of specialized departments of Rector’s office, can be invited to contribute to the process of evaluation. The final decision on funding allocation belongs to the Vice-rector for research.

Special attention will be devoted to the quality and international prestige of the grant agency during the evaluation as well as the quality of a consortium (in case of projects in a consortium), the role of MU and the applicant in the consortium, the amount of the financial support required, the expression of the endorsement from the department or the faculty, the research capabilities and the history of the applicant.

The Programme Council reserves itself the right not to accept any other applications, in case the financial limit is exhausted due to high interest in financial support, sooner than the end of the call in given year. The possibility of adjusting the financial limit from other resources will be considered. 

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