MUNI Award in Science and Humanities

About the MUNI Award

The main aim of MUNI Award in Science and Humanities (hereinafter referred to as “MASH”) is to bring excellent and successful external researchers to Masaryk University and to offer them such conditions that they are motivated to stay, work for Masaryk University and to attain exceptionally high-quality research results on the long-term basis.

Top research teams shall become a stable part of MU thanks to the employment of persons with transformation potential.

A MASH holder shall be employed full-time at Masaryk University. The workload shall also contain active promotion of science through one event per year, focused on the communication of science to general public (e.g. a lecture), organized at MU. The holder of this prestigious grant shall also be expected to represent Masaryk University and proactively contribute to the future direction of research conducted at MU for the entire duration of the grant holder’s engagement at MU, i.e. also after the completion of the MASH grant project.

The award offers you:

  • An opportunity to conduct independent research at a progressive university in the Central European research and innovation hub.
  • Professorship with the possibility of a permanent contract.
  • A budget of approx. CZK 5 million a year for a 5 year period (in total approx. EUR 1 million)
  • Laboratory and office space for a research team.
  • Welcome service and administrative support.

Open to all domains of Social Sciences & Humanities, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Life Sciences.

MASH Holders

Call for 2020

Deadline for application 31st December 2020
Evaluation, interview and negotiation 1st January 2021 – 30th April 2021
Starting date During 2021 (open to negotiation)

Rules of the Call

Who may apply?

MASH is intended for applicants who were not employed by MU in their main employment for the period of 5 years preceding the deadline of the call.

An applicant is the ERC grant holder or a leading researcher in the R4 career stage.

  • The applicant has an established reputation based on excellent research in his field;
  • The applicant contributes to the enhancement of research and development through collaborative approach;
  • The applicant identifies research challenges and opportunities in his/her area of expertise;
  • The applicant conducts research independently;
  • The applicant is qualified to lead and implement projects of collaborative research in cooperation with colleagues and project partners;
  • The applicant publishes papers as the main author; organizes workshops and conferences;
  • The applicant establishes cooperation with the relevant industrial groups;
  • The applicant effectively communicates his/her research to the research community and general public;
  • The applicant’s approach to research is innovative;
  • The applicant is qualified to build research consortia;
  • The applicant is committed to the professional development of his/her career;
  • The applicant works as a mentor to junior researchers.

Application Requirements

The applicant for MASH shall submit:

  • The MASH form with a description of the research plan (in accordance with MU research focus, taking into account the career stage of the applicant). The form requires contact details of 3 important researchers who can provide references, list of publications and a motivation letter describing the applicant’s idea of his/her future career at MU.
  • Current professional CV including Researcher ID of the applicant.
  • Declaration of the ECU of its readiness to hire the applicant and create conditions for independent research. The Declaration contains key requirements of the applicant (e.g. for instruments/technologies, administrative support, research team).
  • Optional annex: Decision on the award of the ERC or another prestigious individual grant / main information about a submitted ERC project that obtained excellent evaluation, form B1 from the ERC application, and the Evaluation Summary Report.

The application shall not contain the budget – the applicant shall obtain a predetermined amount in this competition.

The applicant shall submit all the documents in English.

Upon the announcement of the competition on the GAMU website, the applicant sends the application to the e-mail address; the subject shall be: MASH + first name and surname. The competition is intended for external applicants.

Additional information and documents may be requested during the evaluation procedure (e.g. B2 form of the ERC application, detailed specification of the applicant’s key requirements etc.).


MASH is an individual grant supporting one researcher (MASH holder) and his/her team.

The maximum amount of support per project is CZK 5 million / year with a project duration of 5 years.

Eligible costs

  • Personnel costs (wages, bonuses, agreements to complete a job (DPP) and agreements to perform work (DPČ) of persons directly involved in the research activities necessary for the project investigation
  • Scholarships
  • Consumables
  • Investment
  • Immaterial tangible and intangible assets
  • Services
  • Local and international travel
  • Publication and application costs
  • Additional costs or expenses (projects must include the share in joint operating costs corresponding to the JOC coefficient for the given economic unit in the year concerned according to MU Instruction No. 3/2017 - Rules of determining the proportion of administrative overheads and system of applying overheads to projects, as amended).

Ineligible costs

  • Costs not eligible for institutional support toward long-term conceptual development (e.g. refreshments)

The drawdown of funds must comply with the rules for the drawdown of funds of institutional support. The grant shall be provided as non-investment funds. Each ECU shall arrange an exchange for investment individually. Purchase of investment and necessary transfers among the respective items of the eligible costs are possible after the consultation with the relevant finance office of the ECU.

The amount of approved financial support for a given calendar year shall be allocated to a specific economic unit in the form of an adjusted schedule of institutional support.

The economic and administrative resources of the projects shall be identical to the economic and administrative resources of the units where the researcher and his/her team work (now or in the future), and these units shall also bear common operating costs of the project. Professional and administrative coordination of the project shall be the responsibility of the project investigator.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation criteria


Weighting in %

Professional profile of the applicant based on the submitted CV (an ERC application is taken into account)


Research plan and its coherence with MU research


Potential asset for Masaryk University based on the submitted motivation letter


The applicant submits all requisites of the application

Formal inspection shall be made by the RMU Research Office under the supervision of the Vice-Rector for Research. In this stage, the Vice-Rector for Research after consultation with selected experts from the university shall have the right to exclude applications that fail to meet the requirements for MASH applicants.

In the application form, the applicant shall indicate the focus based on the standardized keywords (in accordance with the ERC) and the research domain of the project. Pursuant to these parameters, the respective applications shall be assigned 3 evaluators from the internal database. The selection of evaluators for each application shall be made by the domain guarantor from the database of evaluators (Scientific Advisory Board, SAB).

Each of the 3 assigned evaluators from the internal database shall write an individual report. The guarantor prepares the ranking list for his/her relevant research domain (Physical Sciences and Computer Science, Life Sciences, Social Science and Humanities) on the basis of all reports. If there are ambiguities (e.g. an extremely high or low evaluation by one evaluator), the guarantor shall ask for additional information from the evaluator concerned.


Interim ranking list – guarantors

No limit to the number of supported candidates is determined for MASH and MASH JUNIOR competitions.

Meeting of guarantors and Vice-Rector for Research

The domain guarantors in a meeting with the Vice-Rector for Research:

  • Shall create one common final ranking list for the competitions of MASH and MASH JUNIOR.
  • After comparing the qualities of applications from both competitions, applications to proceed to the next round shall be selected, whereas strategic interests of the university shall be taken into account. Therefore, in practice a larger number of MASH JUNIOR applications may be approved to the detriment of MASH, and vice versa (both calls have common allocation of funds).
  • The result is the list of applicants proceeding to the last evaluation round, which is a personal interview.

Personal interview

The evaluation board consists of: guarantors, Vice-Rector for Research, representatives of all faculties and university institutes.

  • Personal interviews are held in MU premises in Brno.
  • The guarantors first introduce all candidates and their research plans (the guarantor of each domain introduces candidates of “his/her” domain).
  • The candidates present their research plan proposal to the evaluation board. They do it in person and in English.
  • The board suggests selected candidates for MASH and MASH JUNIOR grants. The situation of the previous evaluation round may be repeated, i.e. a larger number of MASH JUNIOR applications may be approved to the detriment of MASH, and vice versa (both calls have common allocation of funds).
  • The Vice-Rector for Research shall inform the MU management of the competition results in their session.
  • In the event that an ECU fails to conclude the Employment Contract with the selected candidate within six months of the end of the selection procedure, the decision on the selection of the MASH holder shall be nullified.

Decision of the Rector on funding

The Rector of MU decides on awarding the grants in the MASH and MASH JUNIOR competitions pursuant to the recommendation of the evaluation board.

The competition results are subsequently published on the GAMU website (as soon as possible) and the successful candidates are interviewed (responsibility of the Press Office).

Grant implementation

By the end of the 18th month of the commencement of project investigation, the MASH holder shall submit an interim report (in Czech or English) with a list or a brief description of the results achieved so far. A short interview with the Vice-Rector for Research shall be held to discuss the report. The course of the project implementation is assessed by the Vice-Rector for Research and the GAMU consultative bodies. The interim and final report forms are in the IS and shall be sent electronically to

The MASH holder shall submit another interim report by the end of the 36th month of the commencement of project investigation.

After the end of the five-year engagement of the MUNI Award holder at Masaryk University, the achieved results shall be evaluated on the basis of the final report in the same way as the case was with the interim evaluation; profit and loss statement from INET is part of the final report.

The final evaluation procedure shall include a final public lecture of the MASH holder at Masaryk University, in which the grantee shall summarize the main results of the engagement at MU, and outline the idea of further career at the university.

The final public lecture is part of the GAMU final conference which is held in the last quarter of each year.

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