Results of MASH + MASH Junior + MASH Belarus

The selection procedure for MUNI Award in Science and Humanities (MASH), MUNI Award in Science and Humanities Junior (MASH Junior) and MUNI Award in Science and Humanities Belarus (MASH Belarus) was completed in the middle of April. The results were confirmed by the University management last week.

26 Apr 2021

The standard MASH call was announced for the fourth time. This time, GAMU responded to an extraordinary interest of junior researchers and opened the new category MASH Junior for those who recently obtained the Ph.D. degree. Applications were received from 36 researchers from Masaryk University and outside. More than a half of the candidates specialized in Life Sciences, 9 applications were in Social Sciences and Humanities, and 6 candidates applied in Physical Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.  

Out of the 12 candidates representing all fields of science who advanced to the final round of interviews, 7 were awarded MASH Junior, involving financial support of CZK 2 million for each winner for the period of 3 years, which may be extended by another 2 years.  

The MASH Award was not granted to any applicant this year.  

Masaryk University decided to respond to the tense political situation in Belarus and award MASH Belarus to one researcher of Belarusian roots.  

Negotiations with the award holders about the start of their work at the faculties will be held soon. 


Research topic 


Future place of work  

Pavel Dvořák, Ph.D.  

A New Generation Bacterial Platform  
for Lignocellulose Biotechnology (NEWGEN)  

MASH Junior  


Aleš Stýskalík, Ph.D.  

Tailored Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Utilization  

MASH Junior  


Jakub Harnoš, Ph.D.  

Role of the Planar Cell Polarity and Mitochondria Crosstalk in Fuelling Cell Migration 

MASH Junior 


Gabriel Demo, Ph.D.  

Analyzing Molecular Details of the Transcriptional-Translational Apparatus in Bacteria and Virushost 

MASH Junior  


John Denis Bourke, Ph.D.  

The Language of Higher Dimensional Categories  

MASH Junior  


Jakub Stejskal, Ph.D.  

Remote Access: Understanding Art from the Distant Past  

MASH Junior  


Madalina Moraru, Ph.D.  

The Role of Courts in Shaping Access to Asylum (REFORM)  

MASH Junior  


Stanislav Sobolevsky, Ph.D.  

Digital City  

MASH Belarus  

PřF / FI 


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