FAQ - G Category

With whom can I consult projects proposed or funded under the GAMU G scheme?

If you need to consult technical aspects of a proposed or funded project, please refer to the project support team at your faculty/institute/economic centre.

What is the recommended number of economic centre involved in a GAMU G project?

Participation of employees from two or more MU’s economic centres is not an absolute requirement, although it is desirable and will result in the award of extra points. In exceptional and justified cases, a single-faculty interdisciplinary project may be supported. The decision to support such a project is the responsibility of the Programme Council (Rada programu).

What is the duration of GAMU G projects?

GAMU G projects are three-year projects. Considering the administration of project proposals, it is not possible to start projects before March. For example, if a project starts in March 2020, it shall end as of the last day of December 2022.

What is the recommended extent of the main part of the project application?

The recommended extent of the main part is 3,000 words, excluding references.

What does the project evaluation procedure and opinion reports on previously submitted project proposal look like?

The reviewers firstly evaluate the projects individually, using evaluation forms. The forms are not classic expert opinion reports / peer reviews as in other calls for proposals, because interdisciplinary projects reviewers are not experts in every discipline involved. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary aspect and synergy. The evaluation forms therefore serve only as a basis for panel evaluation, where reviewers from different disciplines agree on a consensus evaluation conclusion. For the above-mentioned reason, GAMU does not make the evaluation forms publicly available. Decision letter contains the decision and is made public. You can refer to this document for feedback on your proposal.

What should be the language of a proposal?

Project proposals under the GAMU G scheme shall be submitted in Czech or English, depending on the applicant’s preferences and the language of the field.

What is the maximum amount of financial support?

The maximum amount of financial support per project is CZK 5,000,000 for 3 years. A maximum of 4 projects per year are expected to be supported.

Who can apply for GAMU G support?

The GAMU G project applicant is an MU employee with a minimum of 0.5 FTE. A participant from a different institution may also be a member of the research team but is not eligible for funding. Other MU staff and students may also be involved in the research team.

How does the transfer of funding to faculties – turning a project proposal into an actual project managed in ISEP work?

Funding is allocated to individual beneficiaries in accordance with the approved budget. Each beneficiary involved in the project generates its own contract number through which the support is drawn. The support is used in compliance with internal procedures of the beneficiary and MU’s internal regulations.

Technical procedure in ISEP: the principal investigator enters the project proposal and adds a beneficiary in the "Basic Information" section.

How does the support for female and male scientists returning from parental leave work?

If a female or male scientist returning from parental leave is included in the project implementation team, an increase in the total project costs by CZK 500,000 can be requested, on top of the project budget. The commitment of the scientist must be at least 0.5 FTE throughout the project duration. The scientist’s role in the project must be such as to allow for his/her professional growth and continued research career at the latest after the end of the project.

The involvement of the female/male scientist must be justified in the project proposal. It is not necessary to support the project proposal with any proof certifying these facts, only a CV of the female/male scientist and an explanation of her/his involvement in the project shall be provided. It is assumed that, if necessary, a proof of the facts stated will be provided immediately on request by GAMU.

The female/male scientist returning from parental leave needs not be an MU employee on the closing date for project applications. His/her involvement in the project team during the project implementation is permissible, provided the circumstances are adequately described.

Are transfers within the project budget possible?

Transfers between the project budget lines are allowed. They shall be justified in interim and final reports. Only if the transferred amount exceeds 30% of the project budget of the given economic centre HS, the change must be consulted with the Research Department of MU Rector’s Office and is subject to approval by MU’s Vice-Rector for Research.

When is the deadline of Progress Report and where can I find its form?

The deadline for Progress Reports is March 31. The form is available on the document server in the IS. You can fill the report using Czech or English. Send the completed report to gamu@muni.cz.

When is the deadline of Final Report and where can I find its form?

The deadline for Final Reports is March 31. The form is available on the document server in the IS or here on the website under the G Category. You can fill the report using Czech or English. The completed report please send to gamu@muni.cz.


Overheads are included as additional costs/expenditure. The amount of overheads is determined by the flat rate of common operating costs per economic centre valid on the date of the call deadline. This is how they are budgeted and how they shall also be accounted for.


Scholarship awards are governed by the rule that what is allowed under the institutional support (CZ – IP) and the CSE (Code of Study and Examination) is allowed by GAMU. When awarding a scholarship, it should be kept in mind that scholarship is not a reward for work but for study results, representation, etc. – in accordance with the CSE. Technically, this is another, separate "scholarship" item, which is separated in terms of personnel costs (similar to the costs of Agreement to complete a job / Agreement to perform work).


For projects supported by GAMU, please add the acknowledgement mentioning the MU Grant Agency and the project registration number. Wording is free, for example:

This research has been financially supported by the Grant Agency of Masaryk University, project „xxx“.